Sunday, May 31, 2009

From Mark

This is pieces from author Meg Cox's, QUILTING NOW blog:


I'm sure I'm not the only fan of Mark Lipinski's Quilter's Home magazine
who's been eagerly awaiting the day when Mark puts his act on the tube. His
larger-than-life personality begs for another showcase and he's got the
producing chops, considering his previous career working on such popular network
shows as Oprah and the View.
Well, that day has finally come. The new show, fittingly titled Quilt Out
Loud! will be as unlike other quilting shows as Mark's irreverent magazine is
unlike the rest on the racks. Mark and his co-host, Jodie Davis, head of QNNtv
and author of 30 quilt books, say the format will be fast, funny and full of
surprises. And I mean that literally: they are going to show up, camers rolling,
at the homes of unsuspecting quilters across the country. Yes, they will show
quilts and demonstrate new tools on Quilt Out Loud! but they'll also get into
the lifestyle aspects of quilting just as the magazine does.
Like The Quilt Show, this new show will run only online, and like the show
co-hosted by Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson, you'll have to pay to watch. Some may
flinch at the notion of subscribing to a tv show, but in case you haven't
noticed, most tv stopped being free awhile back. I'm afraid that's the world we
live in right now and personally, I think Mark and Jodie will be worth the
price... Quilt Out Loud! will premiere in late summer but you can watch a
preview teaser now at the new website, To subscribe to the
show you can either join for $24 (which also gives you access to a
bunch of other quilt shows and a vast how-to video library) or, for a higher
fee, you can join Quilters Club of America and get a bunch of extra goodies. (If
they want me to list the goodies, they can buy an ad.) Anyway, here's a special
discount deal: if you decide to join Quilters Club of America you can get 20%
off by using this promotional code in the online application: QH-75VEH

Thanks, cupcakes! See you there! xoxom

Quilt Along

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Quilt Out Loud!

Check this out! If you love Quilters Home Magazine, I think you will love this!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Welcome to my Studio

This is Rose of Sharon Studio where I create. I do Longarm Quilting as a business on an APQS Liberty longarm stitch regulated machine. All my quilting is done freehand. I do have a few pantographs to choose from, but I really like letting your quilt inspire my design.
My prices are fair. Not cheap, but not extreme. Somewhere in the middle range depending on size and design.
I offer Quilters Dream batting to my quilters and have 120" backing in bleached and unbleached muslin.
Please stay with me as I create this blogsite and share some of my work with you.