Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sew N' Sew Saturdays

Something new this year at Rose of Sharon Studio.  Project Saturday~Sew N' Sew.  Each month on the 2nd Saturday we get together and sew.  Not just another sewing day, no, we have a project.  Each participant gets their turn to pick a project that the group gets to make on Sew N' Sew Saturday.  We have a whole month to prepare, pick fabric, cut out and be ready to just Sew N' Sew!
I started in January with a Valentine theme.  I Miss You, My Hawaii.

Then in February Beth picked out this table runner pattern and we all made one with our own choice of fabrics.  I used wine fabrics for mine.  Shhh... don't tell, it is a birthday gift for my Daughter~in~Love.  :)  There's my helper, my little Sweetpea.

Then it was Amandas turn.  She picked out Easter Eggs ~  I used Batiks :)
The picture came out really dark, but it is much prettier in person :)
In April I chose a PHD day.  This gave us each a chance to finish one of the projects above or a 
project that has been in our to-do stack.  (Projects Half Done) 

I worked on another heart quilt,  this was the pattern I intended to use on my first Project Saturday but decided on the one above.  Still had to do this one tho~  It was imperative :)
This one too, is much brighter in person.  Good thing I am a better quilter then I am a photographer, :).
For Project Saturday in May,  I decided on circles.  I decided on a table runner, as did Beth and Marcia Dee.  But Amanda decided on tiny circles to make a tiny quilt.  :)
Here is mine, using the wine fabric again... See a theme here?  Hawaii, Wine, & Fabric,  ah, three of my favorite things.  
Hope your week is filled with your favorite things.  Life is short, Enjoy, and make each day count.  Aloha.