Monday, August 6, 2012

August Project Saturday ~ Sew n' Sew

This months project was chosen by Amanda.  The project was a  Sewing Machine Cover.
At first glance the project seemed complicated.  But as I read the instructions (I know, I know, I don't usually do this) I found it to be well~not so hard :).
With the help of my little Sweetpea and using my Featherweight Mable, we tackled the cover.  I am making a cover for Bernie, my 830 Bernina.  After measuring Bernie in all different ways and adding the extra inches for seams and stuff.  I came up with this.
I used some of the vintage barkcloth that I have collected,  it matches the curtains that hang on my cupboard.
Marcia Dee made hers out of really bright cheerful sewing themed fabric for her big computerized machine.
Donna just loved these poppies and had to actually purchase some retail fabric to get this fabric!  Donna sells fabric at Quilt shows.  The poppies are pretty and it is for her big computerized machine.
And then Amandas.  Amanda is making her cover for her little white Featherweight.  She chose the greens she is so fond of.  Amanda didn't quite get hers finished, but she is on her way!
All in all, it was a fun day.  We had it the first Saturday this month instead of the usual 2nd Saturday as summer is drawing to an end and all are getting in those last minute trips.  Making summer last just a little longer.  We are done with the traveling this summer.  Our next trip wont be until November.  But school starts here in a couple of weeks, and my Sweetheart has to have surgery in a couple of weeks, so my summer is over.  The heat is still here tho~ going to range from 103-108 this week.  :)
Next months Project Saturday~ Pillow Cases....

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Project Saturday~Sew n' Sew for July

It was Donnas turn to pick the project.  Wow, what a fun and great project!  And we had quite a group of sewers too!
As you can see there were six of us and we had a fun, fun, fun, day!  Some of us even completed more than one bag. (not me, but 3 of the above finished one and at least started on another). :)

This is Donnas very own pattern and she sells the pattern and mini kits.  She also sells the mesh and other stuff needed.

This is one side of my bag.  I drew the turtles for my bag.  The flip flops are Donnas design.
What a cute bag for the beach or mountains or just everyday to make you think you are on vacation.
And they are very sturdy!  Cant wait to take mine to Hawaii, it has already been to the mountains!
Sew Much Fun!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Junes Project Saturday

OOppps!  out of sewquence here :)
Junes  Sew n' Sew was PHD's, projects half done.  I know the usual term is UFO's , unfinished objects, but I like the sound of PHD's better.  Instead of being fragmented or scattered I sound smart :)
Sew here you have it.
Amanda worked on hers, and yes, you are seeing her squares right.  She loves her miniatures!

Donna worked on hers, and she also got the border on this.  Looks great Donna.

And I continued on my Opus.  Yes, it is a spiral Lonestar that I started at Asilomar in my friend, Jan Krentz's class.  I started this in 2004, and got all the points done, but the paper pieced squares threw me for a loop!  I did three of them correct, messed one up, and put it away for years.  I plan on going to Asilomar in March with this done to show Jan sew I better get busy and finish it up.  I stopped when I was unsewing more than I was sewing.  But it is time to bite the bobbin and just do it!

Sew next Project Saturday is August 4th and we will be making sewing machine covers!  Amandas choice.

July's Project Saturday

Wow, half way through the year already.  Times fun when you are having flies...oops!  That is what my toad tells me all the time :)   But time is fleeting.  Are you enjoying the moments?  I am still learning to do that.  To just be and enjoy the moments.
And to take breaks!  My biggest break in the month is Project Saturday ~ Sew N' Sew!  I love it.  I know that I should be working, but instead I am sewing and having fun with my friends.  And we have a finished project after each Saturday!  Sew, I really am accomplishing something, :) but I am also taking a break from my longarming (of which I am still behind).
This months project was chosen by Donna.  This is her very own design and pattern.  And she also sells kits and fabric to go with it.   Oh my thimbles!  This was too much fun!
And the bags turned out so cute and fun!  What a great day!
Thank you Donna!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sew N' Sew Saturdays

Something new this year at Rose of Sharon Studio.  Project Saturday~Sew N' Sew.  Each month on the 2nd Saturday we get together and sew.  Not just another sewing day, no, we have a project.  Each participant gets their turn to pick a project that the group gets to make on Sew N' Sew Saturday.  We have a whole month to prepare, pick fabric, cut out and be ready to just Sew N' Sew!
I started in January with a Valentine theme.  I Miss You, My Hawaii.

Then in February Beth picked out this table runner pattern and we all made one with our own choice of fabrics.  I used wine fabrics for mine.  Shhh... don't tell, it is a birthday gift for my Daughter~in~Love.  :)  There's my helper, my little Sweetpea.

Then it was Amandas turn.  She picked out Easter Eggs ~  I used Batiks :)
The picture came out really dark, but it is much prettier in person :)
In April I chose a PHD day.  This gave us each a chance to finish one of the projects above or a 
project that has been in our to-do stack.  (Projects Half Done) 

I worked on another heart quilt,  this was the pattern I intended to use on my first Project Saturday but decided on the one above.  Still had to do this one tho~  It was imperative :)
This one too, is much brighter in person.  Good thing I am a better quilter then I am a photographer, :).
For Project Saturday in May,  I decided on circles.  I decided on a table runner, as did Beth and Marcia Dee.  But Amanda decided on tiny circles to make a tiny quilt.  :)
Here is mine, using the wine fabric again... See a theme here?  Hawaii, Wine, & Fabric,  ah, three of my favorite things.  
Hope your week is filled with your favorite things.  Life is short, Enjoy, and make each day count.  Aloha.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Has it Been a Year?

It has been a year since I posted, and what a year.   It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...  :)  What a year.
But this year is better and different so I promise to be better and post more often.

Boy George (you remember him?) had  it right... Time won't give me time.  John Lennon said, "All we need is love."  But we all need more time...or do we?  We are all given 24 hours to each day.  It is the only "thing" in this life that we are all given equally.  It is what we each do with this 24 hour day that defines us, that makes us who we are, that makes us happy.  Then there are things we "have" to do each day, that we really have no choice of.  But that doesn't take up all 24 hours.

So do you, like me, fill all the awake hours with "doing"?  Or do you find time in your busy day for "being"?  Now that sprummer is upon us ~ not a typo ~ as we don't really have a spring here.  Our spring is basically wind blowing us right into summer.  A few days of moderate weather then HOT, HOT, HOT, hits us.  Where was I?, oh yea, now that it is warmer, I sit on my porch in the evening and just "be" a little.  Just breathe in and out and Just Be.   It is a wonderful time.  I have to admit the first few times I try it, it is hard.  The "I Shoulds" keep trying to butt in, but as I practice this a little each day, the time gets a little longer, the "I Shoulds" get a little quieter, and I feel more refreshed.  And ready to start my 24 hours again.  Life is good.

 Ah, life.