Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stairway to Cat Heaven

My newest project. I call it "Cats and Bats". I took the basic pattern from McCalls online. Deleted some of their pattern, added some ideas of my own. And added the bats because I loved the idea from a quilt I saw in a catalog, but couldn't afford their block of the month just to get the bat pattern. So I drew up my own and added it to this quilt. I am not done, thought I might add another pumpkin, and a bat by the moon... We shall see. :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Quilt Hawaii 2010 ~ day 3

3rd day of QY 2010. Went in to see all the wonderful quilts up and took a class from my friend Sonja Hageman. Her class is painting on fabric. This years choice, Heleconia. I painted 3 paintings I am sharing a couple, and some fabric for a background. The class is always fun, and I always learn something, but didn't get to paint enough as we were on the balcony in Waikaloa where the wind always blows, and that day was no exception. By afternoon I was done. It was all to exhausting tying to fight and create at the same time.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Quilt Hawaii 2010

My first days class at Quilt Hawaii is from Meg Maeda. Meg is from Japan and quilts extraordinary Hawaiian style quilts. But for this class she was teaching us to make her Manta Ray quilt. Since we snorkeled with the Mantas last Nov, I decided to take this class in hopes of learning a new technique. This is a small piece, 12x12, and it is all done by hand. As Meg says, "Machine? I no own a machine, no. By hand." Big smile. Meg is so beautiful and so nice, and so very talented. But she doesn't speak a lot of english. But the class understood what she was teaching. Some day I hope to take her Hawaiian quilt class. She has won best of show at QH the last 2 years. This year Megs student and Megs quilt design won best of show.
My quilt is not complete, but will be one I finish! :)