Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another PHD under my belt.

This is my finished top.  The coloring in my pic is really bad, bad, bad!  The border is really a lavender, white and purple.  With orange koi swimming all over it.  The center has bright orange batik and dark purple batik.  This is a mystery quilt our little quilt guild up here did in 1996 I believe.  That is when I cut it all out.  Today is the day I finished the top.   It will go in my stack of tops to be quilted when I can find a spare moment or day.  :)  I guess my sweetheart is right.  I need a new phone.  One that takes better pictures for sure!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fabric Pizza

I was commissioned to make a fabric pizza with very specific types of toppings. This was a fun challenge trying to find just the right fabrics. Being in a remote area, I order most of my fabric online. Sometimes the fabric coloring is different, and sometimes the items just don't read the same in person. But this time I was pretty lucky. Here is the crust.

Then you add the sauce, a nice tomatoey batik. :)

Then the cheese. Another batik....

Then you add the mushrooms... mmmm, mmm!

Then the peppers, I guess they should have been green bell peppers, but I chose red, I don't care for bell peppers. :)

Then the onions. And Pepperoni too. And you have a fabric pizza!

Bargello update

This is a close up of the pelican. I actually saw a brown pelican while in Safety Harbor Florida in 1984 and was lucky enough to find a shed feather on the shore. I still have that feather, some things are just to precious to turn loose. Maybe I will add it to this quilt tribute. *light~bulb moment*

This is my quilt top all ready to quilt. The three silhouettes of seagulls are ready to be stitched/quilted down. As is the brown pelican silhouette and posts. Then after the quilting is done, I may embellish. Just can't leave well enough alone. :)