Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fabric Pizza

I was commissioned to make a fabric pizza with very specific types of toppings. This was a fun challenge trying to find just the right fabrics. Being in a remote area, I order most of my fabric online. Sometimes the fabric coloring is different, and sometimes the items just don't read the same in person. But this time I was pretty lucky. Here is the crust.

Then you add the sauce, a nice tomatoey batik. :)

Then the cheese. Another batik....

Then you add the mushrooms... mmmm, mmm!

Then the peppers, I guess they should have been green bell peppers, but I chose red, I don't care for bell peppers. :)

Then the onions. And Pepperoni too. And you have a fabric pizza!


  1. Sharon, you definitely met the pizza challenge. Really clever starting with the crust and all through the toppings. So you know what it is going to be used for?

  2. The California Water Agency, they do special talks at schools, fairs etc on the usage of water. The gallons that are marked on each piece shows the amount of water to prepare that item. From beginning to end. :)

  3. that is a great pizza Sharon! how big is it again? you did a terrific job translating fabric into i am hungry! tomatoes need allot of water?

  4. The pizza measures 24" across. To get to tomato sauce it takes 13 gallons of water per pizza. At least that is what they had me put on the sauce. It was fun to make, but a bit stressful as there was a deadline, and as you know, how you "see" things is not always what or how someone else sees it. But it all worked out and the client seemed happy Mike said (he was my delivery boy - as the Water agency is in Bakersfield.