Sunday, June 26, 2011

Half The Year is gone!

Where oh where does time go?  Winter is finally gone, we had a windy spring, and summer is just beginning.  I have made more challenges to myself.
Not to buy more fabric, but to utilize what I have.
To finish one PHD (project half done) a month.
And to get a quilt made for every family member before Christmas~ for Christmas
And to simplify, cut back, and keep my studio going....
So far, so good!  This little quilt was made entirely from scraps.  I donated it to the Ridgecrest Quilt Guild and they sold it at auction!  Great feeling :)
This is a block of the month Bible study that has been taking place at the studio for over 3 years now.  The study was Daughters of Eve.  And each square represents one woman in the Bible.  What an eye opener, and good study.
I can't show you any of the others....It would spoil the surprise :)
But here we are, my Granddaughter and me working on her parents quilt and here she is afterwards :)
Sleeping on my baby quilt that my Grandma Kelly made for me before I was born :)  Yes, it is a very old quilt :)


  1. Hi Sharon,
    lovely to see your completed quilts and grand daughter with you at the machine and asleep on your quilt, connecting the generations!

  2. It is such a blessing that she is actually interested and loves to go to Grammas studio. She loves to "quilt" with my big machine too. I let her push it around with the stitch regulator on so it makes a noise, but no needle action. She gets a "kick" out of that. When I have a visitor, Azaria pushes her chair over to the Longarm (Libby), and shows my client how she quilts. So cute!