Sunday, September 20, 2009

Doorway to China Pattern

I am working on my third Doorway to China quilt. I have completed two of them
This one that I posted previously

And then this one. I call this one Doorway to Koi Pond.

My 3rd one is almost done. They are so fun.

If you use a panel you can fussy cut it to all match and it would look really cool. Since I made a challenge to myself to use my stash this entire year and not buy for any new project, sigh, I didn't have a complete panel. So I cheated a little on all three of mine, but I do like the way they turned out. I got the pattern free from one of my sites that I visit. I cant remember which one so I could post them there, but if you want it, I can let you know where to get it- Best of all, it is FREE!

I can't stop making them, they are more addicting than pistacios! (as Abby on NCIS would say) Well, have you only eaten just one pistacio?!?


  1. I love those, where would I get the pattern?

  2. I will post the website when I get to my studio later this week. :)


    here you go. :)

  4. I have done one of those.....yours have turned out amazing!!

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  8. i was thinking of using a panel have lots of them any advice on how to cut them. i also made a new years resolution not to buy any new material unless i needed it to finish a project far i haven't bought anything.. but it helped that i broke my foot in dec and it still isn't healed so i really can't shop ...