Saturday, September 5, 2009

Math, it is not for everyone!

Okay, I admit it, I really suck at math. I dont understand it, it doesnt make any sense to me what-so-ever but it is a necessary evil, that I have to live with.
In school, I memorized to pass tests. As a banker for 30 years, I used a calculator, the last 5 years as a bookkeeper, the calculator works.

But as a quilter- whats a girl to do?

I do a lot of art quilts, e-quilter is not an interest to me- yet :) And on my other quilts, I muddle through.

When making my quilt for Kona Coffee Quilt contest held in my favorite town- Kona! I took a pattern from a magazine and re-designed it. Not to hard, right? I redesigned the center, and the borders and the entire size of the quilt to fit the requirements.

I drew up the flower, and the leaves and berries, all to the redesigned size requirement.

And I started sewing, and laying out, and sewing. When I got to my 6" borders I realized two things.
My leaves were cut for 6 inch borders, and my borders totaled 6 inches......
Yes, you are right- each border could only be 3 inches!
I really hate this math thing!
Now, I have a finished quilt top, within the requirements and need to put on 3" borders all around, but what to do with the 30 6" leaves?!?
I tried every layout I could think of, and came up with this...

Whatcha think? Even someone who messes up math gets lucky once in a while!

I am sew happy!


  1. I hear ya...I worked in a bank as well and every once in a while I would have to stop and rethink. I am trying to design my own pattern and that is literally taking it toll on me with the good luck...that quilt definitely is an attention did wonderful

  2. can you trim leaf or vine them , twine them , or wrap to the back of quilt the excess? i am math impared myself due to over active rgiht brain activity....
    it is wonderful as it is , perhaps it is yours to decor with at Christmas.....lovely piece!

  3. I am hoping that the leaves (which are not quilted) will not count. Corner to corner it is 40". So we will see.
    The quilt that won the Big money the first year, wasnt quilted, and was only two pieces, both totally against the rules, so I dont know how strict they will be. :)
    I really did not like it without the leaves, tho. I will post a pic of it.