Saturday, June 27, 2009

Traveling Backpack

My hubby has a backpack he got at Old Navy years ago and takes with him everywhere. I have searched and searched for something similar with no luck. So I asked all of Mark Lipinskis Pickles if they knew of a pattern. One, Jan from UK, suggested a rucksack. That was what I was looking for! But still couldn't find a pattern. So I copied my sweethearts backpack. I wanted something special, as I was using my vintage barkcloth that I had been saving.

So I cut out all the pieces and started sewing them together to make me a backpack.

I doubled the fabric to add stability and 5 hours and 6 jeans needles later this is what I came up with. Not to bad for a few hours, needles and an old curtain! lol
I originally bought a set of these curtains from an antique shop because they reminded me of the fabric on the couches at my Grandma and Nonas house. The fabric just speaks to my heart of childhood visits and the welcome and love of Grandmas house. And besides, it is very cool!


  1. that is absolutly beutiful! and so worth saving the cloth for!! i am so impressed!! i have been trying like made to find one also but no luck either. i just can't tear apart the leather one i am using for the pattern though! Darn the bad luck. But you impressed me!!

  2. LOL, I didn't take my hubbys apart, Mary. That would have broken his heart! I just eyeballed his backpack and cut out. That is why I was nervous about cutting up my fabric...
    Measure your leather backpack and trace it on newsprint paper if you need a pattern. (I do this sometimes) But you can pin your fabric around the backpack and cut out too, that is what I did with this.

  3. Very cool Sharon. And try eBay for the barrel buttons if you can't find them locally. I bought some through eBay several years ago for a reasonable price.
    Good luck!
    (from the Pickle list)

  4. that bag is just wonderful Sharon! i too am a hoarder of bark cloth YES! reminds me of childhood too ,curtains in my folk's carriage house ... and i have a very old denim bag that i have repaired and patched and toted To q H's too, and now you have inspired me to used what i have stashed on a shelf, ... just do it! happy summer,Sonja

  5. Aloha Sonja!
    I have more that I am hoarding, but now that i have cut some it will be easier to cut more :) I think I will make some totes, and a handbag. :) Happy summer to you too, missing my Hawaii :(