Sunday, July 15, 2012

July's Project Saturday

Wow, half way through the year already.  Times fun when you are having flies...oops!  That is what my toad tells me all the time :)   But time is fleeting.  Are you enjoying the moments?  I am still learning to do that.  To just be and enjoy the moments.
And to take breaks!  My biggest break in the month is Project Saturday ~ Sew N' Sew!  I love it.  I know that I should be working, but instead I am sewing and having fun with my friends.  And we have a finished project after each Saturday!  Sew, I really am accomplishing something, :) but I am also taking a break from my longarming (of which I am still behind).
This months project was chosen by Donna.  This is her very own design and pattern.  And she also sells kits and fabric to go with it.   Oh my thimbles!  This was too much fun!
And the bags turned out so cute and fun!  What a great day!
Thank you Donna!

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