Thursday, July 26, 2012

Project Saturday~Sew n' Sew for July

It was Donnas turn to pick the project.  Wow, what a fun and great project!  And we had quite a group of sewers too!
As you can see there were six of us and we had a fun, fun, fun, day!  Some of us even completed more than one bag. (not me, but 3 of the above finished one and at least started on another). :)

This is Donnas very own pattern and she sells the pattern and mini kits.  She also sells the mesh and other stuff needed.

This is one side of my bag.  I drew the turtles for my bag.  The flip flops are Donnas design.
What a cute bag for the beach or mountains or just everyday to make you think you are on vacation.
And they are very sturdy!  Cant wait to take mine to Hawaii, it has already been to the mountains!
Sew Much Fun!

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  1. Love your Hono and flop flips Sharon. what a great summer you all are having!